Daniel Keebler here, owner of Green Stream Marketing.

Thanks for checking us out. 

Let’s see what’s under the hood of this marketing machine of ours.

Green: get fresh new customers who bring cash to your business
Stream: get a steady flow of new customers
Marketing: how we do our magic.

Sounds fabulous.  But what makes us different, you ask?

We love marketing.  Are we the only ones on the planet to say that?


Because we take a unique approach to marketing. 

You see, we look at marketing as a matchmaking service between people who have problems (your customers) and people who have solutions to those problems (you).

The results?  Three very happy people.
You.  Your customer.  And us.

The best marketers pair together the right businesses with the right customers so that everyone comes out a winner.

We want to seriously grow your bottom line by bringing together you and your ideal customers.  That’s what we’re all about at Green Stream.  Whether it’s an online marketing funnel, persuasive website copy, or an engaging email sequence.  It’s all about giving your business a steady flow of ideal customers and clients.

We bring you great customers. You do great work. Everyone wins.

— Daniel Keebler